Yonsei University Housing: SK Global vs. International House

Choosing your housing is an important decision since you’ll be living there for quite some time. Some of you may decide to live off campus by finding your own place. Unfortunately, I can’t provide much help with that, but if you need time to find a place in Seoul, you can look into staying in a goshiwon, a type of small room you can rent for a short period of time. Keep in mind that when I say small, I mean really small. This link provides a basic explanation of them.

Now, for those living on campus at Yonsei University, you’ll have two options: I-House or SK Global. They’re right behind each other and connected, so you don’t have to consider location for either one. I stayed in SK Global and I absolutely loved it; in my opinion, it’s much better than I-House.

The main difference is that SK Global has a shower and bathroom in each room, while I-House has shared bathrooms and showers for each floor. Both dormitories are equipped with A/C and Internet through an Ethernet port only (Wi-Fi is not available inside the rooms, but if you step right outside your door you’ll be able to connect). SK Global rooms also have small balconies while rooms at International House only have large windows, if I remember correctly. Overall, SK Global is nicer and a little pricier, but not by much – this link explains the cost of the two dorms.

The reason I chose SK Global was because I wanted my own bathroom in my room. As for selecting a single or double, I chose a double, because I thought living alone a foreign country might get lonely – plus, having a double is a nice way to make at least one new friend. However, you probably won’t make all of your friends in your dorm hall, so you should still make the effort to branch out and meet people through your program, classes, or other university activities.

Amenities aside, of my favorite things about the dorms was the basement floor, which has the best convenient store called GS25. You can buy all of your basic necessities like soap, shampoo, umbrellas, etc. there. The store also has cheap and good food for those days or nights when you just don’t want to go out – I ate there all the time when I was feeling tired after class. There are also other places to eat down there (and around Seoul, of course) that are more expensive but worth trying at least once. But that’s for another post…

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