Sinchon: Where to eat?

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I finally get to talk about my favorite part about Seoul: the food. In my last post I talked about the store GS25 being a convenient place to get good, cheap food when you’re in a hurry, since it’s located at the basement level of the dorms. It’s a great place and all, but you’ll want to be out there finding new places to eat – and there are so many great places.

The first thing you’re all probably thinking about is Korean BBQ. I would eat all-you-can-eat (AYCE) KBBQ so many times in one week. Unfortunately, I can’t give you exact directions to the places I went, but wandering through Sinchon while looking for a place to eat is part of the experience. You’ll stumble upon some delicious restaurants. A quick warning, though: if you find an AYCE KBBQ place that is under ten-thousand won per person (1000 KRW is a little less than 1 USD) it’s probably not good. You’ll want to go for the places that are about 10-12 thousand won. Now, on days you feel like treating yourself, there’s a really good KBBQ place called Sodojeok (소도적). It’s not AYCE, but the meat quality is amazingly good.

This link lists 20 must-eat places in Sinchon, and is a great resource if you want to try a variety of places in the area. One of my favorite spots on the list is Baobab Story (바오밥 이야기). It’s basically an all-you-can-eat Ddeokbokki/Tteokbokki (떡볶이), or spicy rice cakes buffet for five dollars. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but there are tons of ingredients you can add to your dish. You’ll fill yourself up for only five bucks and love it.

Dessert is simple: you have to get bingsu (빙수), which shaved ice with toppings like red bean, mochi, and fruit. It’s great on a hot day and is something nice to split with friends. One of the most well-known bingsu places is Mealtop, which you can also find on that top 20 list.

For the most part, you just have to go out there and try everything you can until you find “your place” (to the point where the owners know you).  Some final tips are: don’t be scared of street food, always be willing to try new things (live octopus is so delicious), and keep track of your spending habits. The food in Seoul is great and often cheap, but it can add up if you don’t keep track.

I hope this got you all looking forward to some delicious Korean food! In my next post, I’ll go over the steps to obtaining a student visa.

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