Pre-departure Planning: Getting to Yonsei University

One of the most important things to plan before going abroad is how to get from the plane to your new university. When I studied abroad in Korea last last summer, I was lucky to have a friend named Toney who did his research on getting from Incheon Airport to Yonsei University.

When we first arrived at the airport in Korea, we navigated our way to the transport area – which can easily be reached by following signs and other passengers – and were bombarded by taxi drivers who tried to charge us $50 to get to the university. Don’t fall for this trap – just be firm and tell them that you already have a ride, and take the $10 limousine bus instead.

This link gives you instructions on where to find ticket stations and how to take the limousine bus. There should be signs inside pointing the way. If you can’t see any signs and the map doesn’t help, just walk along the exits while you’re inside and you’ll see a ticket counter at one of them. As long as you see that there are bus stops outside, there’s a ticket counter nearby somewhere.

Once you’re on the bus, it will basically take you straight to the school. Pay close attention and make sure you get off at the “Ewha Womans University” stop, not the Yonsei University stop. Stopping at the Yonsei University stop will lead to a lot more walking and you don’t want to be dragging your luggage up those hills.

Here is a second reference page on how to make it from the bus station to the school. You’ll either be staying at I-House or SK Global, which are at the East Gate entrance of the school. They are right by each other and the dorms are connected – the entrance to I-House is behind SK Global.

The moral here is make sure you have a detailed plan ahead of your departure, so you know exactly where to go and how to get there – it’ll save you lots of time and money on the day of your arrival. However, feel free to get lost after you get to your destination. Some of the best experiences happen when you’re trying to find your way.

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