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Reverse Culture Shock: Brisbane to Berkeley

Since I’ve been abroad home feels different. Or I feel different at home. I suppose that’s expected. It’s pretty cheesy but I actually did learn a lot about myself last year while I was in Australia, and it’s cool to see how that manifests itself in Berkeley. I learned what kind of people I like … Continue reading Reverse Culture Shock: Brisbane to Berkeley


When I was picking a place to study abroad, I had a few requirements: a good marine biology program, great weather, and English-speaking. This lead me to Australia, which at first I was worried would be too similar to my home in California. While there, one of my friends described Australia as “exactly different” from the … Continue reading USA vs. AUS

Soaking in The Little Moments: Weekend in Queensland

During my time studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, a small group and I were able to make a weekend trip out to Queensland. It was a fun filled weekend full of non-stop adventure. We did everything from scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reefs to bungee jumping in the Rainforest. We enjoyed beers on the … Continue reading Soaking in The Little Moments: Weekend in Queensland

Best things to do in Brisbane

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite things I did right in Brisbane during my semester at the University of Queensland: On the weekends in West End the city sets up a giant farmers market. There’s tons of fresh produce, great food, and crafts! I purchased most of my souvenirs for friends … Continue reading Best things to do in Brisbane

Living at UQ (University of Queensland)

Living on campus in Australia is extremely different than what I’ve experienced at Berkeley. At Berkeley, we have a few different dorm options, and most people move off campus after freshman year. If your study abroad program is anything like mine, we received no help in finding housing. So after some research, it appeared we … Continue reading Living at UQ (University of Queensland)

Must-Sees in Melbourne

A quick note about traveling domestically in Australia: the security is nothing. They didn’t check our IDs, make us take off our shoes, or even glance at our boarding passes until we were about to get on the plane. If you’re worried about making a flight because you know security can take forever in America, don’t … Continue reading Must-Sees in Melbourne