Best things to do in Brisbane

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite things I did right in Brisbane during my semester at the University of Queensland:

On the weekends in West End the city sets up a giant farmers market. There’s tons of fresh produce, great food, and crafts! I purchased most of my souvenirs for friends and family back home at this market. The CBD (Central Business District) also has a great market on Wednesdays. It’s much smaller than the one in West End, but is easy to get to by bus and was where I bought most of my fruits and veggies every week.

Brisbane’s botanic gardens are located right along the river near downtown. They’re meticulously groomed, with playgrounds, lakes, and great paths for running or biking. It’s a pretty nature escape from the bustling city and is worth a visit or two. Mt. Coot-ha is another great hiking spot. At the peak you get massive views of the city and rivers and it’s beautiful!

South Bank is a cute shopping district across the river from the central business district. Not only are most of the museums located here, but there are beautiful parklands along the river as well as tons of fantastic restaurants and bars. There’s even a man-made beach! Since Brisbane isn’t along the coast my friends and I frequented the pools here. You can tan with an amazing view of the Brisbane skyline! South Bank is where most cultural events take place as well-food festivals especially.

And finally, there’s Friday’s, an awesome bar/club overlooking the river. There’s a strict dress code, and most people go all out and look nice when they come here. It’s a bit pricey but is definitely worth it for a fun night out!

There’s so much to do in Brisbane – art museums, shopping, hiking -but these are my favorites! Enjoy!

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