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Apps to Connect with Your Significant Other

Going long distance with your significant other can be hard, but it’s also great to have someone supporting you during your time in a new place. I had just starting dating someone a few weeks before I was set to leave, and we both knew we didn’t want to be that couple Skyping 24/7. Don’t get me wrong, Skype is a great tool, but we’re both busy people and we couldn’t be at our computers video-chatting for hours, especially with  different time zones. But technology is still awesome and below are other free applications that can help keep you up-to-date with one another.

1. Couple

Couple App

My friend (Hi Kristina!) recently introduced me to this app, and my boyfriend and I both love it. I wish we had known about it during my study abroad program. You can send each other location updates, photos, voice memos, and thinking-of-you emojis. The best part is the “thumb kiss,” where your phone vibrates when both your thumbs are in the same place on each screen.

2. Kakao

This app has great engineering for reliable messaging. It originated in South Korea, and now has 140 million users.  I use this app for calling loved ones overseas because, as long as you have Wi-Fi, it essentially lets you make free international calls. The emojis are some of the most expressive I’ve seen, making this app a fun medium to communicate with. I also like that it tells you whether the other person has seen your message.

3. Spotify
This one might be unexpected but adding music to a combined playlist is another way to keep up with one another. You get a notification on your Spotify account when the other person has added a song, and the playlist keeps track of who added which songs. I liked knowing what new songs he was listening to, and it was cool having a shared soundtrack to connect in a different way than traditional messaging.

Have fun messaging and staying in contact with your S.O.! You might not be able to see one another or contact each other as often  as you normally would, but that doesn’t have to make your relationship any less strong.

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