In January 2012, we started our adventure known as studying abroad, and after five short months, our lives were changed forever.

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but we truly had the time of our lives living in England and traveling around Europe. When we returned to California, we did everything we could to encourage – or pester – our friends to apply so they too could have a life-changing experience (and so we could live vicariously through them).

As we made our love of studying abroad known to everyone we knew, we received requests and referrals for advice about going abroad. Friends, friends of friends, siblings of friends, and classmates wanted to hear our opinions about where to study abroad, when to do it, what to do and see, how much to pack, and the list goes on.

We found ourselves repeatedly (but happily) giving the same advice. However, we had to emphasize that what we had to share was limited – that there are countless study abroad experiences that are different than ours because they took place at different times, in different places, and through different programs.

We began to think, what if there were a site that contained stories and advice from all of these different perspectives? A site that isn’t restricted to a particular country, school, or program, but one that allows all study abroad students provide their unique insights from abroad? A site that lets past study abroad students write their stories for an audience that wants to read them?

And so, Bridge from Abroad was born. With this site, we’ve created a place for study abroad students – past, present, and future – to read and share invaluable accounts from abroad. It’s not a blueprint or a map for studying abroad, but a growing community filled with one-of-a-kind experiences that can help prepare others for their own adventures.

We’re glad to have you join the community and we hope Bridge from Abroad helps you prepare for your own study abroad adventure, comes in use during your time abroad, and gives you an outlet when you return home.

Now… read, enjoy, and most importantly, get out there and go abroad!

Kristina & Joanne
Co-founders, Bridge from Abroad

Real Stories from Studying Abroad