9 Cities in 23 Days: My Eurotrip Itinerary

Some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about my semester abroad in England are about my 3-week Easter Holiday Eurotrip: How many cities did you visit? How long did you stay in each city? Did you travel by train or plane? Did you use a Eurail pass? Where did you stay? How were the hostels? Was spending 2-3 days in each city enough?

In an attempt to answer all of these questions, I’ve recorded the basic itinerary of my trip to 9 cities (plus 4 “bonus” cities as stopovers/day trips) in 23 days. Things to note:

– This trip was back in 2012, so specific locations, prices, and conversions may have (or probably) changed. I also don’t have every detail (the foreign currency price of certain tickets, a few activities, meals, and places), as I am taking everything from my memory and journal.
– For the first two weeks, I was in a group of 7-8 people, and for the last week was with one other person (Joanne!).
– This was my first time in Europe, so I wanted to see as many cities as possible, assuming that I would go back to Europe again sometime in the future (that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m determined to make it happen).
– I saved on lodging in a few cities by staying with friends who were studying abroad in those locations.
– I booked all coaches, trains, flights, and hostels about a month before leaving for the trip.
– My travel buddies and I knew basic things we wanted to see and eat in each city, but we planned specific itineraries on the way to each city (or once we arrived at our hostel).

Now, let’s go back in time and see where and how I traveled in Europe during my Easter Holiday of 2012!

Dates: March 26, 2012 – April 17, 2012 (23 days)

Cities (in the order they were visited):
1. Brussels
1a. Amsterdam (stopover)
2. Berlin
3. Prague
4. Vienna
5. Budapest
6. Florence
6a. Pisa (day trip)
7. Rome
8. Barcelona
8a. Girona (day trip)
9. London
9a. Bath (stopover/day trip on the way back to Bristol)

Itinerary (transportation, lodging, and basic activities):

Day 1 (March 26, 2012): Bristol to Brussels
Afternoon: Travel from Bristol to Brussels
–> Transportation: Eurostar (the booking included a First Great Western train from Bristol to London, and then a Eurostar train from London to Brussels); £48.50=$77.60, 5 hours
Evening: Dinner at a random Thai place after wandering around Brussels with empty stomachs.
Lodging: Hello Hostel; £27.97=$35.15/night

Day 2 (March 27, 2012): Brussels
Morning: Chocolate croissants at Charli Boulangerie, Mannekin Pis, Magritte Museum
Afternoon: Parc du Cinquantenaire, Belgian fries, Belgian waffles
Evening: Grocery shopping and hostel “picnic”/dinner
Lodging: Hello Hostel; £27.97=$35.15/night

Day 3 (March 28, 2012): Brussels to Berlin
Morning: Travel from Brussels to Amsterdam (our bus was delayed so we actually left in the afternoon)
–> Transportation: Eurolines; €10=$13, 4 hrs
Afternoon: Dinner at the first restaurant we saw (Italian), run/look around the Red Light District
Evening: Travel from Amsterdam to Berlin
–> Transportation: Eurolines; €39=$50.70, 10 hrs (8pm-6am)
Lodging: Eurolines (overnight coach)

Day 4 (March 29, 2012): Berlin
Morning: Arrival in Berlin, delicious apple bread at a bäckerei (don’t remember the name, East Side Gallery, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Afternoon: Lunch at White Trash, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag (just saw the outside)
Evening: Ritter Sport store (you can make your own chocolate bar), dinner at a Greek restaurant where the waiter/owner poured us (seemingly) endless shots of ouzo…don’t remember the name of this place either, sorry!
Lodging: Pegasus Hostel; £10.11=$16.17/night

Day 5 (March 30, 2012): Berlin
MorningNeues Museum
Afternoon: Lunch at an outdoor market with bratwurst, currywurst, potato pancakes, apfelringes, Checkpoint Charlie, Topography of Terror
Evening: Dinner at Santa Maria (burritos approved by 7 Californians), Matrix Club
Lodging: Pegasus Hostel; £10.11=$16.17/night

Day 6 (March 31, 2012): Berlin to Prague
Morning: Breakfast/lunch at Santa Maria (part 2)
Afternoon: Travel from Berlin to Prague
–> Transportation: Czech Transport (HIGHLY recommended. Comfortable seats and complimentary hot chocolate/tea/coffee and TVs); €27=$35.10, 5 hrs
Evening: Arrival in Prague, dinner at a touristy traditional Czech restaurant next to our hostel
Lodging: Little Quarter Hostel; £13.62=$21.80/night

Day 7 (April 1, 2012): Prague
Morning: Breakfast at Le Petit Cafe, John Lennon Wall
Afternoon: Random hike/walk up a hill with a view of the city, Prague Castle
Evening: Walk across Charles Bridge at sunset, dinner at Nostress
Lodging: Little Quarter Hostel; £13.62=$21.80/night

Day 8 (April 2, 2012): Prague to Vienna
Morning: Breakfast at Cafe Imperial
: Old Town Square, coffee at the Terrace at Hotel U, which has a view of the Astronomical Clock
Evening: Dinner at an authentic Czech restaurant (don’t remember the name – but this is where we found out the hard way that you do NOT touch the bread in Prague), travel from Prague to Vienna
–> Transportation: Czech Transport; €14.40=$18.72, 5 hrs (12am-5am [this was brutal])
Lodging: Czech Transport (overnight coach)

Day 9 (April 3, 2012): Vienna
Morning: Arrival in Vienna, breakfast at hostel, Schönbrunn Palace
Afternoon: Lunch at Schnitzelwirt, coffee at a random cafe
Evening: Walk around the Naschmarkt and take-out/grocery shopping for a hostel “picnic” (Dr. Falafel), laundry (MUCH needed)
Lodging: Wombats City Hostel at the Naschmarkt; £15.82=$25.31/night

Day 10 (April 4, 2012): Vienna
Morning: Breakfast at the Naschmarkt, operetta ticket pick-up
Afternoon: Sigmund Frued Museum/Mozarthaus (two separate groups went at the same time)
Evening: Dinner at the Naschmarkt (Dr. Falafel part 2), operetta (Die Fledermaus) at the Volksoper
Lodging: Wombats Hostel at the Naschmarkt; £15.82=$25.31/night

Day 11 (April 5, 2012): Vienna
Morning:  Breakfast at the Naschmarkt, Belvedere Palace
Afternoon: Kaiserschmarrn and desserts at Café Demel, shopping
Evening: Dinner at Akakiko (we randomly wanted sushi), take-out of Dr. Falafel (part 3) for the next morning
Lodging: Wombats Hostel at the Naschmarkt; £15.82=$25.31/night

Day 12 (April 6, 2012): Vienna to Budapest
Morning: Travel from Vienna to Budapest
–> Transportation: Eurolines; 2900 HUF=$13.06, 3 hrs
Afternoon: House of Terror, Central Market Hall, grocery shopping
Evening: Dinner at Italian restaurant after giving up on finding a particular Hungarian restaurant, Szimpla Kert ruin bar
Lodging: Groove Hostel, $17.68/night

Day 13 (April 7, 2012): Budapest
Morning: Grocery shopping, breakfast at hostel
Afternoon: Széchenyi thermal baths
Evening: Take-out of gyros on the way back to the hostel (all while walking/running in the rain)
Lodging: Groove Hostel; $17.68/night

Day 14 (April 8, 2012): Budapest to Florence
Morning: Walk down to the Danube river, Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial, City Hall
Afternoon: Walk across Danube, look around Buda Castle and Castle Hill area
Evening: Travel from Budapest to Florence
–> Transportation: Eurolines; 3950 HUF=$36.89, 14 hrs (8pm-10am)
Lodging: Eurolines (overnight coach)

Day 15 (April 9, 2012): Florence
Morning: Arrival in Florence, The Duomo (just inside the cathedral, not up the tower)
AfternoonPiazza della Signoria, walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo
Evening: Dinner at Pizza Man
Lodging: Emerald Palace; €19.35=$25.15/night (had a free upgrade from a 4-person dorm to a 2-person suite because it was open)

Day 16 (April 10, 2012): Florence and Day Trip to Pisa
Morning/Afternoon: Shopping at Central Market, day trip/tour to Pisa
–> Transportation/Tour: Viator; £37.86=$60.56
Evening: Dinner at pasta place suggested by hostel worker (wasn’t that great) and gelato at Gelateria la Carraia (was really great)
Lodging: Emerald Palace; €19.35=$25.15/night

Day 17 (April 11, 2012): Florence to Rome
Morning: Travel from Florence to Rome
–> Transportation: ItaliaRail; $43.50, 2 hrs
Afternoon: Lunch at Dar Poeta (home of the amazing nutella+ricotta calzone)
Evening: Dinner at Le Fate, where my friend was working (sadly, it has closed)
Lodging: Friend’s flat

Day 18 (April 12, 2012): Rome to Barcelona
Morning: Cappuccinos and croissants, walk around the Colosseum
Afternoon: The Vatican Museums
Evening: Travel to Barcelona
Transportation: Vueling; €37.74=$51.80, 2 hrs
Lodging: Friend’s flat

Day 19 (April 13, 2012): Barcelona and Day Trip to Girona
Morning: Day trip to Girona
–> Transportation: Local metro/train
Afternoon: Walk around Girona
Evening: Tapas (patatas bravas!) and xurros amb xocolata
Lodging: Friend’s flat

Day 20 (April 14, 2012): Barcelona
Afternoon: La Boqueria (fruit juice and paella), clothes shopping
Evening: Grocery shopping, Parc Güell (in the rain), dinner at friend’s flat
Lodging: Friend’s flat

Day 21 (April 15, 2012): Barcelona to London
Morning: Travel from Barcelona to London
–> Transportation: RyanAir; €54.99=$71.48, 2 hrs
Afternoon/Evening: Lunch at Chipotle (I know), shopping at Catch Kidston
Lodging: Friend’s dorm

Day 22 (April 16, 2012): London
Morning/Afternoon: Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter (booked tickets in February)
Evening: Shopping at/on Oxford Circus, dinner and Wi-Fi time at McDonald’s (don’t judge)
Lodging: Friend’s dorm

Day 23 (April 17, 2012): London to Bristol with a Stop in Bath
Morning: Travel from London to Bath
–> Transportation: National Express; £5.75=$9.05, 3 hrs
Afternoon/Evening: Free walking tour of Bath, Roman Baths
Evening: Travel from Bath to Bristol
–> Transportation: First Great Western; £6.60=$10.39, 0.5 hrs

Whether you’re wondering how to get from city to city, where you can stay, what you can get done in a couple days, or how much it’ll all cost you, I hope this basic breakdown of my itinerary helps you in creating your own plans. Wherever you end up going and whatever you end up doing, I encourage you to record it or write it all down – it’s not only fun to look back on, but it can also provide valuable information to other travelers in the future.

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