4 Affordable Pubs in Prague to Quench Your Thirst

The bar scene in Prague isn’t like that of any other city. It’s of course a social experience, but it’s one that happens any time of the day. For instance, it’s not uncommon for restaurants to serve their brews with breakfast. Last summer, I studied abroad in the Czech Republic. One morning before class, my waiter rushed to my table to ask, “What kind of beer would you like?” I didn’t even have a chance to order a vegetable omelette first!

The price of beer starts at just under a dollar, but it’s easy to get caught into tourist traps.  I discovered this the hard way. The following bars listed below never disappointed my taste buds or wallet. Be sure to check them out during your next visit to the Czech capitol.

  1. Referred to as Atmoška in Czech, Atmosphere is located on Smetanovo Nábřeží, three blocks south from the Charles Bridge along the Vltava river. This underground student pub is better for relaxing with friends compared to bar hopping. My favorite drink was Kozel, a premium Czech lager. My favorite item off the food menu were the potato crisps. The cheese dip served with the dish is to die for. Although the bar closes at two in the morning, beware the kitchen closes early as ten o’clock.
  2. The Prague Beer Museum is located on Americká around the corner from the Náměstí Míru tram stop. In addition to bitter IPA brewed exclusively for their own pub, they have over thirty beers available on tap. The management also owns an older location around the corner from the Old Town Square off Dlouhá, but I recommend the location in Prague 2 for a quick escape from the city center.
  3. Called the Puma Bar by locals, the Krákora Restaurace Bar is located off Kunětická. What makes this bar especially unique is the owner’s two pet—you guessed it—pumas. Španělská, the street that intersects with Kunětická, overlooks Praha Hlavní Nádraží, or the Prague Main Railway Station. At night, the train station resembles Gotham City.
  4. Propaganda is located on the corner of Pštrossova and V Jirchářích, around the corner from Národní Divadlo or the Prague National Theater. Inside, you’ll find old time propaganda from the Czech communist era, Nazi Germany, and many more. Do not confuse this pub with its doppelgänger, the Propaganda Vodka Bar, not far from the Old Town Square.

Have you ever gotten ripped off in Prague? Have you been to any of these pubs? Do you have another pub to add to the list that I missed? Comment below or mention @decorcione in a tweet for your memories, feedback, and/or suggestions!

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