3 Cliché Study Abroad Phrases That Are Actually True

Almost every study abroad advertisement is inundated with cheesy phrases intended to express the benefits of living and traveling abroad. While it may be easy to write such stock phrases off as cliché, many of them come to hold weight and meaning for those who study abroad.

1. “Broaden your horizons.”

A major part of studying abroad is gaining new experiences that result in personal growth. Whether it be navigating a new city without a GPS, struggling to order a cup of coffee in a foreign language, or figuring out currency exchange rates, studying abroad will push you out of your comfort zones in more ways than one. You will have opportunities on a daily basis to learn about yourself. By the time you’re on a plane returning to your home country, you will undoubtedly have grown and changed in positive ways.

2. “Expand your worldview.”

Traveling allows you to shape and expand your understanding of the world. You will experience culture, history, and different ways of life. Drinking espresso while standing at a bar in Italy, walking through colorful markets in Morocco, and befriending the checker at the local grocery store in Argentina are all adventures that allow you to learn about what life is like for people whose realities differ dramatically from yours.

3. “The world is your classroom.”

There is something vastly different about physically standing inside the Roman Colosseum than simply looking at a picture of the incredible structure. Studying Michelangelo’s sculptures in person does not compare to studying his artwork in the pages of a textbook or on the screen of a computer. Studying abroad supplements your academic endeavors by providing you opportunities to experience the subjects that you study in the classroom.

So, don’t overlook or discount study abroad promotions – go broaden your horizons, expand your worldview, and use the world as your classroom!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I agree that most sites that promote studying abroad use clichés like ‘broadening your horizons’ etc. but my belief is that it is very true! Moving to a foreign country is a brave step but will only help your confidence. Furthermore, many courses that are abroad, for example in countries like Romania and Bulgaria offer reduced tuition fees for expensive courses like Medicine and Veterinary so that is a huge advantage too!

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