To all those like me who have low tolerance for alcohol, but still enjoy the casual drink at the pub with friends… this post is for you!

May I introduce one of the best ciders I came across in Europe, Rekorderlig (from Sweden)!

The picture below shows the Winter Cider flavor. However, the classic and most delicious one is the Strawberry Lime Cider. I highly recommend asking for this cider at your local pub. This drink is sweet and has a low alcohol content (about 4%). It’s easy to sip-on while you enjoy a night out with your friends at the pub.


If you’re studying abroad in England like I did, this cider may not be found in every pub and will not be found at your local Sainsbury’s. It does take a bit of hunting, but I found a stock of this delicious cider at Waitrose, a higher end grocery store (or shop) equivalent to Whole Foods.

I fell in love with this cider so much I wanted to pack a few bottles of it before coming back to the states, but unfortunately couldn’t because I had amassed so many new clothes and souvenirs during my time abroad..

There are nights that I still crave this drink, especially when I’m out with friends.. So please, Rekorderlig USA, BRING THIS DRINK TO LOS ANGELES.

Smalls, out.

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